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Minute Maid Park’s new centerfield wall is now in place

Astros historian Mike Acosta tweets out pictures of the new centerfield at Minute Maid Park.

Chicago Cubs v Houston Astros Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Center field at Minute Maid Park has received a facelift this offseason, gone is Tal’s Hill and new batter’s eye is in. Today is the first time we’ve seen the completed centerfield fence thanks to team historian Mike Acosta.

Acosta noted a few key facts about the dimensions: the wall is 19 feet tall at the Crawford Boxes, 25 feet along Home Run Alley, the wall now runs to 10 feet across center field, and finally drops to seven feet tall long right field. In total, there are 19 wall angles.

But this is the first clear look with the complete wall fully in place. I admit the new demotions don’t hurt my soul as much as I expected them to. In a way, the biggest thing I come away with the feeling of oddity and exoticness is now gone.

But overall it feels like a better use of this space compared to the hill. But TCBers what do you think?