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Starting Nine: TCB Staff melts down with joy after Astros’ World Series Championship

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Seven Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Houston Astros are World Series Champions. Of course, there was a freakout on the TCB Staff email thread. But we had to do a Starting Nine after game 7, and here was my instruction:


Astros Future


So who is directing the Astros movie? So many storylines. Harvey, Verlander, Cardinals, SI prediction. Someone call Michael Bay!


I don't think I've ever cried as a result of a sporting event before. My grandma and grandfather got me into Astros baseball in the early 2000's. We used to go up to the nosebleeds and watch games. I saw guys like Biggio, Bagwell, and Berkman. The Astros are a way we bonded.

After a time though, the Astros fell apart, but my grandma and I kept following them. I really got into the team the year Berkman got traded. I followed everything from the firing of Ed Wade, Cecil Cooper, Brad Mills, Bo Porter to the drafting of Springer, Correa, Bregman, and much more. I lived in Arlington during the Rangers good years and still rooted for the Stros. I loudly and proudly supported the struggling Astros.

It means so much because of the struggles, but also because of what it means for the city. The city was devastated by Harvey. It means so much because of the people who aren't around to see it. Mom would have really enjoyed this series. She and I used to go to games together during the bad years. She cheered til her voice came out.

I wanna thank the TCB community. I found the blog 6 or so years ago.(I think) TCB has been the place that has kept hope for me. The staff here has helped me a better and more informed fan. It's been a pleasure to be a member of staff this year. Thanks to everyone on the email chain for being some of the coolest and smartest fans I know.

I wanna thank the Dodger fans for their class. You'll win 1 soon. Thanks to everyone for the congratulatory messages.

Houston, this one for you, even the fake bandwagon fans.


Holy effing eff you guys. Holy effing ess. This team done went and won the World goldurn Series!!!


This is amazing. Guess what? THE ASTROS ARE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! Guess what else? That will be true tomorrow... and the next day... and the next day...

WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! They did it! They finally did it!!!


Oh wait this is the official gonna-go-on-the-website thread. I DON'T KNOW WHERE OR WHO I AM RIGHT NOW.

Charlie Morton was a borderline nobody with an injury history longer than a gangster's rap sheet, Altuve is like two feet tall and had to beg for a chance to prove he was worth a rookie ball roster spot, and Gurriel is like two years removed from living in a place where you might be arrested and executed for what you say. Now they're the biggest 1-4-3 putout combo in franchise history and our grandkids will be watching that last play with them.


I haven't slept. I can remember how and when the Astros acquired every player on this team from memory, and despite this postseason wrecking my blood pressure, it's been an unbelievable run. I don't know what this team will look like in a few years as the Houston core starts to get more expensive, but the 2017 Astros club is definitely the best I have ever seen in my time as a fan which is nearing two decades. I fist pumped after the Springer and Correa draft picks, intently followed Altuve's minor league career, and to watch the players that we all dreamed on carrying Houston to its first title since Jordan was playing baseball is just an unreal feeling. I can't wait to watch them try to defend it, and I hope to see this season punctuated with an Altuve MVP award.













I have no words left. I screamed my lungs out last night celebrating with other Astro fans. This series was amazing, emotionally draining and so rewarding. Correa even proposed to miss Texas USA at the end, and I would be okay with him having the title of Mr. Texas USA. You couldn't script any of this better.




I'm the oldest among the TCB writers. As a kid, I rooted for the Astros of the Dierker-Wilson-Wynn era. I joined TCB a little while after the Astros' last World Series run in 2005. So, yes, this is unbelievably satisfying. After the World Series win, Reid Ryan had uncontrollable tears on the MLB Network, as he recalled watching his father pitch in Astros' playoff games in the 80s. At that moment, he was a fan, just like us. And, thinking back to 1986, Mike Scott was at Dodgers Stadium, celebrating the Astros victory. It's fun to hear about former Astros players of other eras celebrating the victory. One thing I love about this team is that no one can say the Astros' first World Series winner was a fluke. After the Astros' made it to the World Series in 2005, some people said it was just a lucky team. But this team is so strong and talented, nobody will make that claim. An Astros victory parade in Houston. How tremendous.


Wow! As an Astro fan living in Ranger country and married into. Cardinals family, this has been a long time coming. I was a big believer in the #Process and was called a Luhnow truther many times by online people.

I’ve had like 4 sports cries this postseason.

This is surreal.