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Happy Thanksgiving from The Crawfish Boxes

On the day that we give thanks for all the things that we have been gifted throughout the year, we at The Crawfish Boxes wanted to give thanks for you the reader.

We especially, wanted to thank those first responders that helped the Texas Coast pull themselves out of the flood waters and those volunteers that have helped Houston rebuild. We, of course, then wanted to thank the Astros, general manager Jeff Luhnow, ALCS MVP Justin Verlander, World Series MVP George Springer, AL MVP Jose Altuve and the rest of the players, coaches, and staff that helped bring the Astros bring Houston’s its first World Series Championship.

On personal note, I thank you thank you the reader for patience with the site. The playoff run burned me out and may lives for the staff have changed over the year as well. TCB staff will be back to work after Thanksgiving.