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WOO it up for the Astros with BreakingT

I literally love it.

BreakingT already had the great Verlander-Altuve lovefest captured and they’re back with another great t-shirt for Josh Redick.

WOO! The Iconic call of Ric Flair and the Astros’ wrestling fan, right fielder Josh Reddick.

Great your perfect mix of Ric Flair and the Astros rainbow here.

And if you still want a Verlander-Astro shirt there right...

There are a million (may a little under that) interviews done after the American League Championship Series. Of course, for the Houston Astros, two of the most sought-after players were Jose Altuve and Justin Verlander.

An early story-line was Verlander getting the American League Champion Series MVP award over Altuve.

Verlander was 2-0 with 0.56 ERA in two starts. He allowed one earned run over 16 innings, striking out 21 and walking two. It was a clear choice with Altuve and the entire offense struggling in New York.

But of course, Jose Altuve took a manufactured moment of tension and made into a memorial moment.

And of course, Verlander returned the favor...

And the world we live into...everything has a shirt. So why not pick up your Astros literally love shirts from BreakingT.

Here is a link for the shirt.

And also if you’re a fan of Altuve’s three home run night in the ALDS, BreakingT has you covered to. With another shirt.

I’ve already picked up my Verlander shirt and hoping to get in time for his second start of the World Series if it happens.