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On the Astros: Don’t let the New York Post trolls fool you, Kate Upton was rooting for the Astros...or at least Justin Verlander

MLB: ALCS-New York Yankees at Houston Astros Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve attempted to avoid including Kate Upton in any posts at TCB for the simple fact that Mrs. Upton isn’t a baseball player. I’m sure she is a wonderful person but he doesn’t has much to do with Astros baseball minus her relationship with Justin Verlander. Which of course, cool for both of them.

But then the New York Post had to troll. First, the New York Post to take out an ad in the Houston Chronicle with this image:

WHAT?! Shock and awe. A fashion model wore a baseball cap in 2013 for a team where she probably does most of her work? She wore a baseball cap that has been arguably become one of the biggest fashion statements that has transcended the game. So of course, that superseded an support for Justin Verlander and the Astros. Of course it does.

The ad itself is harmless. Because I’m sure the Chronicle was happy to get the ad money.

But of course, the Post wasn’t done. Then they had to do a follow up article with the headline “Astros fans were not happy about The Post’s Kate Upton ad.”

The Post had some sad reporter standing outside of the Minute Maid Park waiting to get a juicy reaction about the article.

To summarize, Kate Upton, a Michigan native and who recently posted this on her Instagram, roots for the Yankees still and Astros fans hate — brought you by The New York Post.

For the love of....just leave her alone and let her watch Verlander pitch.