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Baseball Hall of Fame 2017: Former Astro Jeff Bagwell projected to be inducted

Ryan Thibodaux’s Baseball Hall of Fame ballot tracker has Bagwell with 87.6% of the public vote.

Houston Astro v St.Louis Cardinals Photo by: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame Class will be announced in less than an hour from now. At the moment, former Astros first baseman Jeff Bagwell is No. 2 on the ballot among vote-getters behind Tim Raines, as currently projected by Ryan Thibodaux’s Baseball Hall of Fame ballot tracker.

Bagwell currently has 218 of the 249 known votes, setting him at 87.6 percent. Raines currently has 221 votes on his 10th and final year on the ballot.

Thibodaux currently estimates there will be 435 ballots cast and an estimated 327 votes required to be inducted. Bagwell will need an additional 109 votes to reach the Hall of Fame.

Bagwell finished 12 votes shorts on the 2016 ballot with 71.6 percent of the vote and thus far hasn’t lost any voters thus far from the 2016 ballot and gained 21 voters thus far.

If Bagwell is in fact announced as a member of the 2017 Hall of Fame class, he will join Craig Biggio as the only two Hall of Famer to go in as Astro.