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The Ground Control Podcast Extra No. 3: Getting Jeff Bagwell into the Hall of Fame with @Bags4HoF

“(Bagwell) was a five-tool phenom,” — Ric from @Bags4HoF.

The Ground Control Podcast Extra No. 3

On the eve of Jeff Bagwell being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, it seems like no better time to sit down with the man that has been championing Bagwell for the past few seasons on Twitter, @Bags4HoF.

Host: Ryan Dunsmore
Special Guest: Ric from @Bags4HoF

Topic for Today's Show

  • How did you get started with the @Bags4HoF project?
  • Twitter's impact on the Hall of Fame vote
  • Last year's close finish for Bagwell
  • The case for Bagwell going into the Hall of Fame
  • The case against Bagwell going into the Hall  of Fame
  • Steroids and the Hall of Fame
  • Using Barry Bonds as a guide to sway voters
  • Who has been the most difficult voter to sway

(Disclaimer: We did have some issues with wind distorting the audio around the 1, 2, 7 and 17-minute mark — My apologies, we were recording on probably the windiest day in Houston history).

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