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3 Astros Things: Altuve is the betting favourite for the AL MVP

Altuve is awesome. Remembering Dylan Tindall-Heathcock. Carlos Correa teaching baseball.

3 Things Grey

High School Football is back...

1) Jose Altuve is the betting favourite to win the AL MVP

Jose Altuve is doing Jose Altuve things again this season. The national media appears to have finally caught on about Altuve. Altuve currently leads the major leagues in hits (184) and .351 (184x524). He is three doubles away from tying his 2015 total of doubles. He already set a career high in triples (5), home runs (22), and RBIs (89).

Bovada has released some new updated rankings including Altuve at the top of the AL MVP betting lines:

2016 AL MVP - Odds to Win

Jose Altuve                               2/3

Mookie Betts 5/1

Josh Donaldson 5/1

Mike Trout 5/1

Manny Machado 10/1

Robinson Cano 16/1

David Ortiz 16/1

2) Remembering Dylan Tindall-Heathcock

A young Astros fan got a chance to talk with his sports idols earlier this year. That fan told Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa on back-to-back days they would hit a home run after meeting Dylan. Altuve did the first and Correa did the second.

That fan was Dylan Tindall-Heathcock. Dylan had terminal cancer and passed this week — as reported by ABC 13.

Here is the video from when he met the Astros:

From everyone at TCB, we wish Dylan's family peace.

3) Carlos Correa teaching baseball

Carlos Correa will be featured this Saturday at 9 a.m. CT on "Play Ball," MLB Network’s new weekly show geared towards kids with one-on-one baseball demonstrations and conversations with some of the game’s top players.

Here is  a clip with MLB Network's Sean Casey:

Correa also talked about Roberto Clemente as Roberto Clemente Day is next Tuesday, September 7. Correa chats at length about Clemente, his work with the Houston-based children’s charity Restless for the Cause.

On how he got started playing baseball:

"I was five-years-old. My dad loved baseball, he took me to a ballpark one day, and the first practice I played like I’d been playing my entire life. So he was like, ‘Hey, [you’ve] got talent. Let’s try to go every single day to the ballpark and develop that talent’ and we did and now we’re here."

On fellow Puerto Rican Roberto Clemente:

"That’s who I try to emulate every single day. Play as hard as he played and be able to help people the way he did."

On what he admired most about Clemente as a player:

"The passion, the way he played, the way he went about his business every single day. Every time he put on his uniform he felt like the luckiest man in the world, so that for me is what I admire most."

On what he admired most about Clemente as a person:

"Everything he did off the field. The people he helped, the lives he [impacted] by everything he did off the field."

On which current Major Leaguer represents Clemente’s style of play:

"I’ll say [Jose] Altuve. The way he plays, the way he hits, the way he plays defense, everything he does, the way he is off the field. I mean, Roberto Clemente right there."