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3 Astros Things: Astros' season wrapped in one gif

Collin McHugh's disbelief has become the calling card for the Astros this season.

Can't beat'em, join 'em...

1. Carlos Gomez breaks Collin McHugh

Astros outfielder Carlos Gomez hasn't been a lightning rod since the moment he put on a Houston uniform. But that, for the most part, has been because of his bat. Gomez's struggles at the plate and overexaggerated swings have not lent himself to the everyday fan.

But the glove let Gomez down on Monday. Gomez misplayed two straight balls to center off the bat of Jorge Polanco and Juan Centeno. Polanco's hit skipped past Gomez as he attempted to cut the ball off. Centeno's flyball was completely lost by Gomez in the lights, clouds, and/or sky.  The plays helped the Twins score their three runs in the game, which led to a 3-1 loss for the Astros.

The errors have led to Gomez getting a ticket to the bench but it also created one the greatest reactions in recent Astros history -- right up there with the Chris Carter home run smirk, the Lance McCullers playoff emotional explosion, the Evan Gattis arms raised to the sky celebration against the Angels, Dallas Keuchel's sit down, and of course the Congerbot.

Collin McHugh was in disbelief as Gomez couldn't field the ball in center.

2. 2016 Front Office Confidence Ratings

Sister site MLB Daily Dish is hosting a survey to rate MLB Front offices after the 2016 Trade Deadline. So this is your chance to voice your support of Jeff Luhnow or your disapproval of the lack of moves. I expect interesting responses with the recent Rangers series and the success of Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Beltran.

Click here for the link to fill out the survey.

3. Goodbye sweet Prince

Rangers first baseman/designated hitter Prince Fielder won't be cleared for physical activity after his second neck surgery -- thus putting him a defacto retirement. Astros fans won't miss him after hitting 31 of his 319 home runs against the Astros.