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Orbit's vehicle accidentally runs over Shooting Stars team member

The Astros-Rangers game was delayed as an accident happens during mid-inning entertainment.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros mascot Orbit puts one of the best shows in all of Major League baseball. As part of that show, Orbit every home game gets on a utility vehicle that has a T-shirt cannon anchored to it, Orbit and a staff will shoot t-shirts into the crowd while another staffer will drive the cart. It's pretty straight forward, the vehicle will zip around the dirt track running along foul territory and it's gone before the next half inning starts.

On Saturday, the stunt didn't go as planned. The vehicle was going up the third baseline when it struck a member of the Astros Shooting Stars team member along. The vehicle knocked her down but didn't appear to run her over.

The Astros released as statement about the incident: