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3 Astros things: Astros Offense: The Movie

It's been a long strange trip with the Astros offense.

When I turn the Astros on...

1) #AstrosOffenseTheMovie

Let's go back to when the Astros were rebuilding aka terrible. Astros Twitter attempted to ease the pain of watching the Astros with an awesome hashtag that was started by former TCB and now Astros County writer Tim De Block -- #AstrosMovies.

With the Astros offense struggling mightily Astros Twitter was at it again to help ease the pain. This time, it was #AstrosOffenseTheMovie to capture how sad the Astros offense has been. To be exact, they've batted .173 with one home run, nine walks and 62 strikeouts over the last six games.

But here are some of the best tweets from last night:

2) Astros Girl

Allow me for the moment to take you through my normal morning routine. I don't anything out of the ordinary: wake up, breakfast, and shower. I start my TCB and BRB work by pulling up Google News and Feedly. I grab a few stories and create the newswire for both sites.

The reason I bring that up is because I complete missed a news story and it's baffling (and not baffling at the same time) that it has been the top news story for multiple days. I refer to "Astros Girl".

If you didn't see "Astros Girl", here she is..

"Astros Girl" is model Terann Hilow. Power to her for showing up to a ball game anyway she wants. But I don't understand why National News outlets are covering this.

3) Luhnow on SBNation Radio

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow went on the Nate & Creight Show to talk about the Astros moves at the trade deadline: