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Astros' Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve make turning two look easy

Who needs a second hand?

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Houston Astros fans have spoiled up the middle of the infield on defense. Houston has the reigning Amerian League Gold Glove award winner at second base, Jose Altuve, and the reigning American League Rookie of the Year Carlos Correa at shortstop. While both are known for their bat, but each can play the field with the best of the league.

The pair showed that fact off on Wednesday with the second batter of the game against the St. Louis Cardinals. The first batter of the game, Kolten Wong, reached on a bloop hit to left. But he was erased on a double play grounder from Stephen Peiscotty. The double play was completed as Correa raced to his left, gloved the ball and flipped to Altuve with only his glove. Altuve caught the ball with his bare hand. He spun and fired the ball for first for the second out.

My words do it no justice, now here watch it: