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Astros' Alex Bregman hits first major league home run

The Astros' top prospect picks up major league home run No. 1.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Astros' top prospect Alex Bregman didn't have a great start to his major league career. He is currently batting .198 (17x86) in his 21 games in the major leagues. But it appears he has found his stride, he is batting .300 (9x30) with five RBIs in his last seven games.

Bregman already had his first hit and extra-base hit. But Bregman hadn't been able to take trout around bases with his first major league home run. That was until Monday.

Bregman connected on the second-straight 90 MPH fastball he saw from Jaime Garcia in the first inning against the St. Cardinals. Bregman's hit went the other way and cleared the barn doors in right field.

Bregman's home run tied the game at 2-2 in the first inning. But Houston dropped the game 8-5 to St.Louis