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3 Astros Things: Bob Watson battles kidney failure

Astros great talks about his failing health.

Something upbeat for a sad story...

1) Bob Watson battles kidney failure

Bob Watson has been one of the most prolific names in Astros history. He was signed by the Astros in 1965 and he played 14 years in Houston. He was a two-time all-star (1973 and 1975) and finished the top 15 in MVP voting in 1976.

Watson created a second life after his player career. He was just the second African-American general manager in MLB history in 1993 when he was named the Astros' GM.  Watson moved over to the Yankees in 1995 and held the position until 1998. The Yankees won the World Series in 1996, the first New York championship since 1978.

Fast forward today, Watson is now 70-years-old and he missed the 20th anniversary of the 1996 championship in New York with kidney failure -- reported New York Daily News' Chuck Modiano.

Watson said:

"I really wanted to be there," Watson, now 70, said over the phone, "but my health won't allow it. I am battling Stage 4 kidney failure. Not too many people know about it."

2) Giles returns to Astros

Ken Giles and wife, Estela, welcomed their first child, Brody Robert on Friday. First, congratulations Giles family. Two, that kid is going to have an arm with both parents being professional baseball/softball players.

As part of that news, Giles returned to the major league roster from the paternity list. The Astros optioned Jandel Gustave to Triple-A.

Gustave, 23, appeared in three games with the Astros. He was 0-0 with 2.70 ERA. Gustave struck out three and walked none over 3 1/3 innings.

3) Ummm k

So Eve is a fan of the Astros now? 2000's people rejoice?!