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Starting Nine: Astros designate Carlos Gomez for assignment

TCB staff reflects on Carlos Gomez's time with the Astros.

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There is a better than a 99% chance that Carlos Gomez will be wearing a different uniform after 10-day period passes after he was designated for assignment last week by the Astros. At the moment it appears that the Cardinals, Mets, and Marlins appear to be teams looking at bringing in the slumping outfielder after he becomes a free agent.

The Crawfish Boxes staff took some time to talk about Gomez and his time with the Astros with this week's starting nine.

What are you thoughts on Carlos Gomez's time with the Astros? What do you think of the move to DFA him out right?



Carlos Gomez is the first player I've ever really soured on. When we picked him up I was hesitant. He played well enough down the stretch that I thought "perhaps things will work out." With today's DFA, it clearly did not.

During this season we've seen Gomez transform from a great defender and into someone (in my opinion) who looked like he was phoning it in. The past few weeks, in particular, stick out in my mind. He was taking the weirdest first steps at times, and his throws were straight up ugly. Gaffes aside, he just didn't look like someone who had played professional baseball for years.

Perhaps Gomez suffered some vision problems; that would certainly help explain his performance at the plate. Unfortunately, it may be a case where he just didn't fit and his performance, in the end, didn't justify keeping him on the roster.

Do I think the Astros made the correct choice? Yes, I believe they did. Could they have waited until the end of the season? Absolutely. I'm mildly surprised they DFA'd him in August, but it appears the Astros couldn't justify keeping him on the roster.


I'm shocked they did it, to be honest. I also feel desperately sorry for him. Struggles or not, he deserved a lot better than he got from Astros fans and the media this year.

David S.

I don't know what the deal with Gomez is. He's had some injuries it seems like, I'm sure that impacted his play, but he just looked so totally lost at the plate. He was one of those guys that you just never felt confident with when he came up to bat.

I wasn't a fan of his batting stance either, I'm not sure why he kept his front foot up when the first thing I learned in little league was to always have both of your feet planted when you take a swing. I'm no hitting coach or bio-mechanics expert but it just seemed strange to me.

One of his strong points was supposed to be his defense but after a few outfield gaffes, it's no wonder why the Astros decided to cut bait with a guy who was playing below replacement level. I was initially excited when they acquired him last year and he played alright down the stretch at that time, but it's difficult for me to think of an outfielder who's performance completely fell off of a cliff like that. Maybe Melvin Upton Jr?

Good luck to Gomez in the future, hopefully, Marisnick heats up from here on out.


I am so incredibly disappointed. Gomez is an easy guy to root for. The great smile, Superman poses, the insane swing with the flying helmet, the 80-grade arm, the always-positive social media presence.....he is a visual reminder that baseball is supposed to be fun.

For whatever reason, though, be it health or a mental block, Gomez has been one of the worst batters in baseball this season. His DFA is 100% defensible.

I caution the gleeful instant-gratification fan, though. Gomez oozes baseball talent and it's not clear that he has ever been fully healthy as an Astro. If he signs with another club and returns to play up to his ability, don't scream about how the Astros FA made another "JD Martinez" mistake. My prediction? Gomez will resurrect his career and Astros fans will be really mad that he isn't still playing center field in Houston in 2017.

So it was the right move, but it will probably be criticized with the benefit of hindsight.


I'm happy. He looks done as a hitter. He had two elite seasons, during his prime years. Then he fell apart. He's past his prime. For some reason, everyone expects him to eventually get back to "normal." His career wRC+ is still below-average. He was a below-average hitter for the first five years of his career, and he has been again these last two years. It seems much, much more reasonable to me to assume that the two big years were the aberration, not the seven years of stink.

But even then, you could justify him being on the roster because of his defense and speed. Except then he turned into a doofus in the outfield and a doofus on the base paths. He lost the first Twins game for us and then, coming in as just a pinch runner last night, manages a TOOTBLAN there. He looks lost. He looks broken. We have Springer, Bregman, Kemp, Tucker, and Marisnick on this roster. All look like better outfield options at this point. This team is likely better without him on it and is certainly not worse without him on it. It was clearly time for Gomez to go. I don't hate him, but this was the right move. The only move.


To echo what most everyone else has said, he just hasn't looked like an MLB caliber player this year. From looking lost at the plate to looking lost in center field, it just hasn't been pretty. It's disappointing because Marisnick shouldn't be an everyday player, and we traded away the one CF prospect I was excited about.


Ultimately, I trust the front office. I was surprised by the move but was expecting Gomez to start getting reduced playing time anyway. I just didn't think they would cut him outright so soon. None of us knows if there were clubhouse issues and what was going on (if anything), and perhaps that was a big part of the decision.

Gomez wasn't going to be on the team next year, so cutting him now gives the Astros more time to assess other younger players (Marisnick, Kemp, Tucker) at the MLB-level before they head into an offseason that will require big decisions for the Astros' outfield going forward. Is Kemp good enough to be a 4th outfielder? Is there reason to believe Marisnick can be just good enough offensively to justify starting him in CF in 2017? Is Tucker's bat good enough to outweigh his defensive deficiencies? These are all questions the Astros need to answer before 2017 begins, and giving them more playing time can only help inform those answers.