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Houston Astros at the 2016 MLB trade deadline

All the rumors surrounding the Astros at the trade deadline.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let's be honest. The Houston Astros are more than likely going to stay pat at the trade deadline. The buyer's market is a little too high for the Astros front office to gut the highly touted Astros minor league system. But here is a quick roundup of all the rumors surrounding the Astros heading into the trade deadline.

Left-handed relievers

This honestly seems like the most likely rumor of them all so far for the Astros. The Astros bullpen has been strong but one of the weakest spots has been left-handed pitching. Tony Sipp hasn't been far less sharp this season Sipp, 33, is 1-2 with a 4.71 ERA in 41 games this season. He is 1-0 with a 7.88 ERA (7 ER, 8 IP) in his last 15 games.

Abad has already traded but I wouldn't be surprised to get one these other players at the deadline:

Starting pitching

The market for starting pitching has been the most shallow and most expensive then hit has been in years. It says something about the market if the Astros are linked to Edinson Volquez. I don't think the Astros see Volquez as an improvement over Mike Fiers or Doug Fister.

Could the Astros go all in on Chris Archer? Or will they find the right packet for Drew Smyly, Jake Odorizzi, or Matt Moore?


As much as Jonathan Lucroy seems like a fit for the Astros especially with former front office member David Stearns as Brewers general manager. But Derrick Norris seems like the fit, especially with his framing ability. But honestly, the Astros appear set at catcher with Jason Castro and Evan Gattis.

The Astros are the darkhorse in every deal


Carlos Beltran

Beltran seems like the cheapest bat available with Jay Bruce and Josh Reddick off the table. After three games in Detroit, the Astros may need one. The question is, will fans still boo him?