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3 Astros Things: Venezuelan Love

Victor Marinez and Marwin Gonzalez share a moment at first base on Friday.


1) Venezuelan Love

Nothing went well for the Astros in Friday's game against the Tigers. Houston wasn't feeling the love. That didn't stop fellow Venezuelans sharing a moment at first base. Victor Martinez collected a hit in the first inning against Collin McHugh. Upon reaching first base, Martinez gave a little smooch to the back of the neck to Marwin Gonzalez.

Both Martinez and Gonzalez are from the state of Bolivar in Venezuela.

2) Marisnick can cover some ground

We head back to Saturday's game for another one of the few highlights from a dumpster fire of a game.In the fifth inning, Jarrod Saltalamacchia was at the plate with a runner on third. Saltalamacchia put a charge into a Chris Devenski pitch and sent it to dead center. But Jake Marisinick from tracking the ball down. Statcast recorded Marisnnick covering 106.8 feet at 19 MPH to catch the ball before crashing into the wall.

3) McHugh wasn't very good

Collin McHugh has been quietly been on of the Astros' best pitchers over the past three seasons. But he didn't pitch like that on Friday as this stat shows: