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3 Astros Things: Biggio forever immortalized

3 things talks about Craig Biggio, T.V. rating, and pure, clean hate.

I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was...

1) A year ago, Biggio entered the hall

I came across this tweet this morning, it gave me a warm feeling remembering the fact  the Astros are no longer without a representative in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

It must have been a similar feeling for Mariners fans watching Ken Griffey Jr. being inducted into the hall over the weekend. The fact that he put on the signature backwards cap was perfect for 90's kid inside of me.

This also marks starting the process once again for Jeff Bagwell. Will the 2017 class be the one for Bagwell? He finished last year's vote with 71.6%. He'll be fighting with greats like Ivan Rodriguez and Vladimir Guerrero but neither seems to be on par with Griffey -- maybe Mike Piazza.

2) Astros T.V. ratings are spiking

After two years of the running joke of 0.0 Nelson ratings for Astros baseball games and it's fans were CSN Houston purgatory, the Astros' T.V. ratings are one of the fastest growing in baseball -- Sports Business Daily is reporting that the Astros rating has increased 49% from 2014 and 2015.

The growth is tied this highest percent increase in baseball. The Astros are tied with the Dodgers, who also is having RSN distribution problems with SportsNet LA.

The article stated:

Root Sports Southwest's Astros telecasts are averaging a 2.66 rating. That's almost seven times higher than 2014, when the team's games were on CSN Houston, which had limited distribution in the market and resulted in the Astros being the lowest-rated MLB team for three consecutive seasons (2012-14).

3) Who doesn't love a fight?

The love, hate relationship between the Astros and Rangers appears to have transitioned to the minor league as well. The Astros' Double-A affiliate Corpus Christi Hooks and Rangers' Double-A affiliate Frisco RoughRidgers got into on Sunday.

RoughRidgers starting pitcher Yohander Mendez hit the Hooks Danry Vasquez in the leg with a pitch and Vasquez proceeded to charge the mound -- sparking a 10-plus minute delay.

I guess the hate is learned young between the Rangers and Astros systems.