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3 Astros Things: Roger Clemens & Roy Oswalt playing baseball together again

What year is it again?

Sometimes you just want to take a seat on the wall?

1) Roger Clemens & Roy Oswalt playing baseball together again

Former major league players will be taking part in the National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita, Kansas as reported by USA Today on Sunday. Normally the tournament features college baseball summer teams but this year's tournament will include an "MLB Stars" team.

That team will be headlined by 53-year-old Roger Clemens. The former Astros pitcher will be joined by former teammate Roy Oswalt.

Oswalt, Clemens, and Andy Pettite were a three-headed monster for the Astros major runs during  the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

Former Astros outfielders Rick Ankiel and Carl Everett will also be on the team. The only player under 30 years old is Koby Clemens -- former Astros catcher prospect. As of February 2015, Koby Clemens was joining the Astros minor league staff as a spring instructor. Now word if this game means Clemens' time as an instructor is over.

I don't know an old man all-star team sounds like an interesting spectacle.

2) The Root Sports Broadcast are getting weird

Alan Ashby has a source for a good chuckle since his return to Houston a few years ago. Ashby has now taken over as the lead broadcaster on the majority of the Astros road trips, now giving him more time to talk. Which has resulted in him getting more chances to some interesting things on the broadcast -- for example Ashby and Bill Brown looking lost as they attempted to vote for George Springer.

Awful Announcing pointed another strange exchange from Monday's game directed at Root Sports sideline reporter Julia Morales:

Take it down a notch, Ash.


There has always been a great running gag of Jose Altuve as a unit of measurement. kept that grand tradition alive on Tuesday: