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Did Jose Altuve miss his calling as a boy band frontman?

Thank you, Lance McCullers, for this video. Thank you.

The MLB clubhouse can be strange, silly place, where players get a chance to be themselves between games. Lance McCullers gave us a glimpse into what it's like to be in Club Astros.

Apparently, it involves Backstreet Boys being played a full blast. A flashback to my sister rocking out in out in her room in the 90's. It also means Jose Altuve performing impromptu karaoke of said Backstreet Boys song, perfectly I might add. While Chris Devenski and Mike Fiers join in as the other members of the band.

George Springer brings the dance moves and Marwin Gonzalez laughingly watches with his zubaz pants on. In the background, Jason Castro and A.J. Reed watch this madness in the background at another table.

The best video to ever hit the Internet #Htown #backstreetboys #ShowStros @josealtuve27 @mikefbaby54

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Thank you, Lance McCullers. I needed a laugh.