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Mike Fiers sparks dustup in Astros dugout after being taken out in the 4th inning

Fiers has some words with manager A.J. Hinch after getting taken out of the game.

Don Feria/Getty Images

Nothing went right for Mike Fiers on Monday against the Oakland Athletics. The Houston Astros starting pitcher had retired the first two batters in the fourth inning but was unable to retire the next five batters and was relieved from the game.

The action didn't stop there. Astros manager A.J. Hinch came to take the ball from Fiers and put Michael Feliz in the game. But Fiers wouldn't get out with a quick word with Hinch. The two exchanged words on the mound before a clearly dejected Fiers slowly walked to the dugout.

The argument continued in the dugout between Fiers and Hinch. Veteran Doug Fister pulled Fiers away from the manager.

Former Brewers teammates Carlos Gomez and Fiers got into it after the inning finally came to a close.

Jose Altuve was also pictured giving some words to Fiers as well while in the dugout.

It looks like Fiers at one point punched something hard enough to leave a mark or two no his throwing hand.

Fiers and Hinch calmly stood side by side with each other in the dugout. The conversation appeared much calmer thereafter.

After the game, Fiers, Gomez, and Altuve attempted to smooth things.

Fiers hasn't been able to make through five innings on the mound in three of his last four starts. He's clearly frustrated with himself, just as much as he's frustrated with Hinch. At first blush, this outburst seems to be in the same vein of Jared Cosart, Lucas Harrell, Bud Norris, and Brett Oberholtzer's transgressions that  got them shipped out of town. After sleeping on the event, it seems more like a heat of the moment move.

But we'll wait and see how last night changes Fiers status with the Astros -- if at all.