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Astros' George Springer hits his third leadoff home run of 2016

Springer Dingers will not wait.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros fans attempted to not give George Springer a break during the All-Star Game. Fans voted Springer into second place in the 2016 All-Star Game Final Vote. He would lose to the Blue Jays Michale Saunders.

But Springer picked up right where he left off in the first half of the season, playing at an All-Star level on Friday. In a 2-2 count against James Paxton, Springer went the other way on a 98-mph fastball for his 20th home run of the season.

Leadoff Dinger...All-Star Worthy #springerdinger #astros #astrosvision

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It was Springer's third leadoff home run of the season and it tied his season-high in home runs for his young career. The Astros would go on to win 7-3 without trailing at any point during the game against the Mariners.

What will Springer do next?