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TCB Astros Hitter of the Week: Week 9

A walk-off hit will get you the award.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Each week we will, through the magic of small sample sizes, find out who the best hitters the Astros have had over the past handful of games. There will be surprises for sure as there will be obvious candidates. It is a good way to get some recognition for guys who may fly under the radar over the course of a season, but for a few glorious days are the belle of the ball. We have a couple of new additions this week, including a new top spot. As always, we will start with the...

Honorable Mention

Evan Gattis

Evan Gattis comes in a close second for this week rewards. Evan Gattis is batting .241 (7x29) with four home runs, four runs scored, nine RBIs, three walks, and seven strikeouts.

Gattis hit three home runs in three games during the series against the Oakland A's. Gattis put a tremendous offensive output while playing catcher much of the week at catcher with Jason Castro on the shelf with an illness.

On June 3, Gattis went 4-for-5 with seven total bases and four RBIs against the Athletics.

Jose Altuve

Jose Altuve keeps doing Jose Altuve things. He is batted .370 (10x27) with four runs scored, .452 OBP, and a .556 SLG.

Altuve had multiple hits in his three of his last seven games. He had two doubles against the Diamondbacks on June 1.


Carlos Correa

There are times this season that Carlos Correa has looked like a player hitting his sophomore slump. The last seven games can not be included in that stretch He went .300 (9x30) with five runs scored, a double, three triples and four RBIs.

Correa picked up a triple against the Diamondbacks and two against the A's -- one of them was inches from going out and the other landed on Tal's Hill.

Correa also collected a walk-off hit against the A's on June 4.