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3 Astros Things: Let's not redo the 2011 draft

Jim Callis redrafts the 2011 Draft, Tyler White gets welcomed to the big leagues, and Giles keeping it .

My feelings about last night...

1) George Springer, the Royal?

The 2016 MLB Draft is this week. Of course, major publications are doing everything they can to get your ready for the draft and at the same time mine as much content out of the draft as possible. Case in point,'s Jim Callis has gone through the exercises of redoing the 2011 MLB Draft.

Callis shook things up by sending Marlins' ace Jose Fernandez to the Pirates instead of sticking with Gerrit Cole. Cole ended up going the Orioles at the No. 4 pick. The No. 2 pick was Francisco Lindor to the Mariners, who actually went No. 8 to the Indians. No. 3 pick was Mookie Betts to the Diamondbacks instead of Trevor Bauer, Betts was actually selected by the Red Sox in the fifth round of the draft.

The fifth pick was where things got interesting for Astros fans. UConn product George Springer was sent to the Royals at the No. 5 pick, replacing high school product Bubba Starling.

Callis ended up giving Joe Ross to the Astros at No. 11out of Bishop O'Dowd High School. In two major league season, Ross is 10-9 with a 3.08 ERA in 26 games (23 starts) with the Washington Nationals. The Nationals picked up Ross as part of the Steven Souza, Travis Ott, Trea Turner three-way deal with the Nationals, Padres, and Rays.

Not a bad consolation prize but Ross doesn't compare to Springer and I admit I'm not thrilled with the thought of picking Betts over Springer either. But it will be one of the few things I tip my cap to Ed Wade for is the selection of Springer out of a cold weather team like UConn and trusting his skills would translate.

2) Welcome to the League, rookie!

I admit was late on this from over the weekend but I wanted to put this on the list because I need a laugh after Monday's game. Rookies getting pranked is nothing new in major league sports, frankly it's a right of passage for most players. So it was Tyler White's turn to get his rookie welcome.

Carlos Gomez, Dallas Keuchel, Mike Fiers, and Lance McCullers took his White's new Range Rover and parked in center field. They parked the car right in front of Tal's Hill just before batting practice.

Your browser does not support iframes.

Honestly, the best part of the video is the look on White's face as he assesses the situation and can't find his keys.

3) Giles keeping it 

Ken Giles gave the Texas Rangers some bulletin board material on Monday night, saying:

"We're going to go out there tomorrow and put them to the ground."

The Rangers responded by actually putting the quote on the bulletin board in the clubhouse and the media room. He followed up his comments from Monday with these today:

Who is ready to watch the game tonight? The tension is palpable.