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Ken Giles: "We're going to out there tomorrow and put them to the ground"

Astros' big offseason acquisition Ken Giles creates bulletin board material for Rangers.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Monday's walk-off loss for the Houston Astros was devastating as the Texas Rangers won their seventh-straight game against the Astros -- and frankly the Rangers have owned the Astros for the past season and quarter now. One of the toughest parts of the game was Ken Giles coming into the ninth inning to send the game to extra innings, to only have the defense fail to turn two and misplay a ball off the wall to allow the Rangers to push across the winning run.

Giles had some interesting comments to make after the game:

If you didn't catch that, Giles said he feels the Astros have a better roster then the Rangers and closed his comments with:

"We're going to go out there tomorrow and put them to the ground."

This adds another chapter to the disdain between these two teams, it's not necessarily a rivalry yet because the Astros haven't held up their end of the boxscore.

At the very least, Giles comments have got the attention of the Rangers: