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Astros' Jose Altuve leads AL second basemen in first All-Star voting update

It doesn't look like Jose Altuve will have any trouble starting for the A.L. in the All-Star game.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Last season's All-Star voting was at times a shame. Yes, Kansas City Royals fans have every right to vote for who they want and props to them for turning out the vote. But Omar Infante shouldn't have been even close to starting over Jose Altuve or Robinson Cano for that matter.

It appears a year later,  the Royals fans once again are out in force. But Jose Altuve is in his rightful place on top of the All-Star voting after the first update of voting.

Altuve leads AL second baseman with 624,218 over Infante (473,205) and Robinson Cano (354, 415). Altuve is batting .327 (74x226) with 44 runs scored, 20 doubles, nine home runs, 31 RBIs, 28 walks and 16 stolen bases -- he has earned that top spot this season.

Also making this list for the Astros is sophomore shortstop Carlos Correa. Correa has 304,997 votes and trails Xander Bogaerts (598,847), Alcides Escobar (593,218), and Troy Tulowitzki (325, 949). Colby Rasmus checked in 13th place among outfielders with 208,105 votes, while George Springer did make the cut.

If you want to vote for the Astros go here: VOTE.