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Astros 10, Angels 7: The Bats are Alive and Well

Astros Offense Erupts for 10 Runs.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The box score for this game looked a lot prettier before Tony Sipp was touched for a grand slam in the top of the ninth, but hey, if you're going to give up a salami, it might as well be while your team is up 10-3.

The Astros bats really came alive tonight, with every starter not named Evan Gattis or Jason Castro reaching base at least twice (and it's not like those two guys didn't contribute: Gattis had an RBI single in the third, and Castro drilled a solo homer in the seventh that was upheld after an Angels challenge and umpire review). Carlos Correa homered in the sixth and Jose Altuve hit one of the longest bombs you'll see all season in the fourth. Seriously, it was some real Richie Sexson or Sammy Sosa stuff to almost dead center -- 431 feet! Altuve has homered every time I've had the recap in June, so you're welcome, and I'll try to pick up more shifts.

Let's talk about Doug Fister, shall we? I was a big fan of this late offseason signing, and after a cringeworthy April, the pride of Golden Valley High School in Merced, CA has really put it together and pulled his weight in this rotation. Fister's ERA by month: April 5.56; May 2.84; June 1.73. Granted his 4.75 FIP (calculated before today's results) is over a run and a half higher than his ERA, so the good feelings could all come crashing down at any moment, but I sure am enjoying the quality results for the time being.

Interestingly, Fister's FIP has been exactly as lucky as Keuchel's has been unlucky (1.54 runs higher than his ERA to Keuchel's 1.54 runs lower than his ERA). For more information on just how unlucky the Astros erstwhile ace has been -- the Reverse Fister as I have just decided to dub him -- check out this excellent article by CRPerry13 on Keuchel's first half woes. Baseball just isn't fair, you guys!

The Astros have won 18 of their last 26 games* and sit only one game under .500. It's the closest they've been to a winning record since falling to 1-1 against the Yankees on the second day of the season.

*Don't look up the Texas Rangers' record over this same time period. It will turn your happiness into sadness.