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Carlos Correa obliterates a baseball to tie the game against the Reds

I can still hear the baseball screaming.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros weren't the same last week with Carlos Correa out of the lineup with a sprained ankle. The Astros didn't have their No. 3 hitter and the reigning American League Rookie of the Year award winner in the lineup.

Correa has come back to the Astros lineup and struggled to hit his stride again. He is batting .160 (4x25) with three runs scored and just one run batted in. But that one home run was a massive home run.

That one run came on Friday night. It was a massive home run into tow different ways. Correa's home run tied the game at 2-2 in the eighth inning against the Reds. It was also massive because it was an absolute blast high off the left field wall.

Correa was facing Blake Wood in the eighth inning. On the first pitch from Wood, Correa put all of his force behind the ball for a home run.