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2016 MLB Draft: Houston Astros Select Tennessee Wesleyan College LHP Ryan Hartman in the Ninth Round

A LHP with great results against low level competition


The Houston Astros drafted Ryan Hartman in the 9th round. He's a senior left-handed pitcher from Tennessee Wesleyan College in Athens, TN.

He tied for the team lead in games started with thirteen and lead the team in innings pitched at 98. He also lead the team in ERA with 0.64. His peripheral numbers are even more impressive as he struck out a team leading 129 for a 11.85 SO/9 and had just twelve walks all season for a 1.1 BB/9. He also had a 5.69 H/9. No matter how you put it, strikeout out 34% of hitters and walking just 3% is amazing.

The knock is that it's all against NAIA opponents which is low level competition. Another knock on him is that he's a senior and is older than many of his peers in this draft. But, the 6'3 LHP can run the fastball up to 89-93 MPH.