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2016 MLB Draft: Day Two Open Thread

Draft day is here!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

2016 MLB Draft schedule

Day 2

Rounds: 3-10

Date: Friday, June 10

Time: 12 p.m. CT


Twitter: @MLBDraftTracker



2016 Astros Draft Picks

Round 1: No. 17 Pick -- Forrest Whitley, RHP, Alamo Heights High Schoo, TX

Round 2: No. 61 Pick -- Ronnie Dawson, Outfielder, Ohio State

Round 3: No. 97 Pick

Rounds 4-40: The 21st pick in each round


2016 Astros Draft Money Pool

Overall: $5,928,300

Overall plus Five Percent Overage: $6,158,985

First Round Pick: $2,504,200


Draft News

2016 MLB Draft: Houston Astros select Forrest Whitley with No. 17 pick - The Crawfish Boxes
The Astros only had to go to San Antonio to find the No. 17 pick.

2016 MLB Draft: Houston Astros select Ronnie Dawson with No. 61 pick - The Crawfish Boxes
Astros head to the big ten with their second pick of the 2016 Draft.

2016 MLB Draft: Astros Find Upside at 17 - The Crawfish Boxes
The Astros leaned toward a pitcher with some upside and have shown a tendency for that.

2016 MLB Draft: Astros Reach for Dawson - The Crawfish Boxes
A reach that may not end up being a reach at all because of skills and raw tools.

2016 MLB Draft: Astros Day One Summary - The Crawfish Boxes
The Astros have gone after some raw talent on the first day and could be a signal of comfort in the depth of the system.