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Happy Mother's Day From The Crawfish Boxes

Happy mother's day to all the ladies that put up with you and the Astros.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Mother's Day from everyone at The Crawfish Boxes. Remember boys and girls, you wouldn't be here without your mother. That sounds like a clique, but most mothers mold and shape us into the people we are today on top of actually bringing us into this world.

Moms are the ones that come to every game and cheer even when you're on the bench. Moms support your passions in life. Moms are always there when you're down and there to join in the good times as well.

To all those people whose mothers are no longer with us, I hope her memories bring you joy. To all those people who aren't going to be with their mothers today, call your mom.

Moms on TCB, thank you for our time. I want to especially thank all the wives that allow our writers to talk about Astros baseball, and to wish a happy mother's day to an actual mom on staff -- Terri, who has a lovely daughter named Sabrina.