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Astros' Marwin Gonzalez ends solo home run streak

Gonzalez hit 25 straight solo home runs to start his major league career, he smacked his first home run with runners on base on Friday.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros utility player Marwin Gonzalez has been in the major leagues for five seasons. He has had 1,188 plate appearances during that time. Gonzalez has hit 25 home runs over that span as of Friday night. Nothing overly surprising about any of those facts, except one thing:

All 25 of Gonzalez's career home runs have been solo home runs.

I'm sure it is a fact that slipped most Astros fans' minds or made you start double-checking your mental notes for Gonazlez's homers. If you have notes on all 25, bravo.

But fret not, you don't have to remember that factoid anymore. Gonzalez's broke through his solo home runs streak on Friday against the Seattle Mariners.

In the second inning, Gonzalez connected with a 3-0 cutter from Mariners starter Taijuan Walker. The laser shot just crept over the right field fence, but it still counts. The home run put the Astros up 3-0 and the team would win 6-3.

Astros outfielder Carlos Gomez clearly knew the gravity of the moment, he had a cooler ready to dump on Gonzalez. The rest of the Astros gave the utility man the silent treatment.