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Astros' George Springer hits home run on to the train tracks

George Springer sent a baseball on a one-way trip out of Minute Maid Park on Tuesday.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros outfielder George Springer has always show exception power through his time with the Astros system. Springer violently swings at every pitch he sees, he's always zero to 100. Springer has squared a few pitches during his three major league season, but he hasn't blasted perfectly until Tuesday night.

With Tommy Milone on the mound in the fourth inning, Springer crushed a 2-2 88 MPH fastball. The home run was a no-doubt home run over the train tracks high up on the left field wall of Minute Maid Park. Springer knew it was god and dropped an emphatic bat flip.

StatCast recorded the home with an 112 mph exit velocity, and 32 degrees launch angle. The home run put the Astros up 6-2. The home run proved to be the winning runs for the Astros. It also may be one of the best home runs ever hit in Minute Maid Park.