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Astros 8; Diamondbacks 3: Astros only 6 games under .500

Astros take first of four against Snakes

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When you go through a bad breakup, it can take a while to get over it. And even when you think you're over it, there are triggers that can send you back into a depression cycle. For me, watching the Astros play in a National League park is like running into an ex-girlfriend that you've never quite gotten over while also meeting her new husband and finding out that they are pregnant. I'm fine in the American League now, I really am, but I could do without you rubbing all your National League bliss in my face, Karen.

On the bright side, the Astros won, which, to further stretch the tortured metaphor, would be like noticing that Geoff, Karen's new husband, had his fly down during the whole conversation, but you never say anything about it, choosing instead to hold onto this innocuous little gaffe with all your might, convincing yourself that it's an outward and visible sign of his fallibility and Karen's terrible judgment in leaving you for him. She'll come back someday; you two were meant to be together. Anyway. Let's talk about baseball, shall we?

The Astros started the game in familiar fashion, failing to score, despite getting two men on base with less than two outs.

Collin McHugh's ERA in the first inning is a full two runs higher than in any other inning, and his early game struggles surfaced again when Paul Goldschmidt deposited a home run into the Chase Field swimming pool. It seems petty to bring this up right after the man went the distance in the win today, but hey, if you want us to stop talking about first inning runs, stop giving up first inning runs, amirite, Collin?

The Astros scored four runs in a great 2 out rally in the top of the 2nd that was marred only by Carlos Correa's TOOTBLAN. I am in favor of aggressiveness on the base paths, but between the pick offs, caught stealings, bad reads, and plain 'ol mental errors, this Astros team has given away far too many baserunners in 2016.

Collin McHugh struck out two in a quick and uneventful second inning.

Jason Castro gave the Astros even more cushion with a two run double in the 3rd, extending the lead to 6-1.

In the fourth, Jose Altuve hit the 2000th triple in Astros history, plating George Springer in the process. Carlos Correa followed that with a single that scored Altuve, giving the Astros an 8-1 lead.

McHugh gave up a run in the 8th on a Jean Segura triple and another run in the 9th on a Jake Lamb home run, but overall, the Doctor had a more than solid afternoon: 9 IP 5 H 3 ER 1BB 8K 2HR. Perhaps most importantly, the bullpen was able to take a much needed breather after yesterday's 13 inning affair.

Astros CF Carlos Gomez, who has been on the DL since mid May with a strained ribcage, is expected to be activated and in the lineup against the Diamondbacks in Tuesday's tilt. Lance McCullers will start that game for the 'Stros.