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2016 MLB Draft Profile: Kyle Muller, LHP, TX HS

Great bodied project-able southpaw from this great state. He has put on some mass and gained some velocity which is why this smooth throwing pitcher is now in talks for the first round.


Height: 6-5

Weight: 230

Bats/Throws: R/L

HS: Jesuit College Prep (Dallas, Texas)


Smooth motion, could use more leg drive but really a lot to like about him.  Doesn't hurry but could use more deception, opens up a bit instead of staying closed.

Quick pickoff is decent, only one I saw, seems to hold runners ok.

His fastball was sitting in the low nineties in the videos I have seen, it's got some life to it so that should be a plus pitch for this kid going forward.  He is big as mentioned about but as he fills out more internally he should gain at least a few more ticks up.  He will probably be sitting in the mid nineties soon enough.

Curve was a bit all over the place for me, his curve had a good big break on it, although he was missing quite frequently with it but should be decent with some coaching.

Change was also decent, had some sink to it, looked like a circle change from the way he finished which explains the sink.

Projected Draft Round

1-2, with after 10th round range being an option for overpay.

College Commitment

Texas - this was before the velocity gain, so I don't think first or second round money is going to prevent a sign from happening.

Will he sign?

Yes, for 1st or 2nd round money.

Would you draft him at 1-17?

Yes, he might be a bit of a reach but his floor is pretty high for me as far as HS pitchers go.  We might be able to work out a lower slot deal for him to take some of the money for players at 11-19.  We really need a serious infusion of talented LHP in our system, we have took some in the past but we really need to go heavy for a couple years in this area.