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Astros' Class-A advanced affiliate explodes for 29 runs in one game

It was a special night in Lancaster.


The Houston Astros' Class-A advanced minor league affiliate Lancaster JetHawks play in a launching pad. No way to get around that fact. As a matter of fact, the JetHawks play in a stadium called the "The Hanger." The JetHawks lived up to that name in spades on Thursday against the Athletics' affiliate, the Stockton Ports.

The JetHawks won 29-11. You read that right, the Lancaster scored 29 runs over eight innings of offense.

If you think that is crazy, just look at the scorecard from the game:

Schwartz is a great broadcast and apparently an excellent scorekeeper as well -- such clean form.

Here are the highlights from the game, the JetHawks got:

  • 23 hits
  • 11 walks
  • 3 doubles
  • A triple
  • 7  home runs
  • Bobby Boyd had nine RBIs
  • Jason Martin had six RBIs

Schwartz also noted that 29 runs were a franchise record but not a PCL record: