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Springer foul ball into funnel cake fryer creates a new treat at Minute Maid Park

The Astros outfielder's foul ball sparks an idea for ballpark food.

Ballpark food is always a place for out of the box thinking. So when George Springer hit a foul ball into a funnel cake fryer on the concourse on the third base side, it sparked an idea. The Springer Splash Funnel Cake was born.

The newest addition to #MMP eats -- the #SpringerSplashFunnelCake! Available in sections 106 and 153.

A photo posted by Houston Astros (@astrosbaseball) on

A funnel cake with a scoop of ice cream and red syrup for laces. It looks very enticing to eat.

Springer's foul ball happened landed in the fryer on Friday. The funnel cake stand is just down the way from the Crawford Boxes. Springer had to hook the ball pretty hard to reach the fryer.

Have you tried the new funnel cake? Any good? If you haven't, would you eat it?