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Astros' George Springer goes through a roller coaster of emotions after a strikeout

Springer does his best impression of emojis after a strikeout looking.


Houston Astros outfielder George Springer struck out looking on Wednesday in the seventh inning with the Baltimore Orioles's Vance Worley on the mound. Nothing out of the ordinary with a strike out for the Astros and Springer -- Houston has 463 strikes outs this season and Springer is tied for the team lead with 51.

But the interesting part came after the strikeout. Springer has a priceless reaction after home umpire Jordan Baker rung him up on a high and outside fastball. To Baker's credit, the Astros broadcast pitch tracker had the pitch inside the zone.

Springer showed a wide range of emotions: shock, disbelief, disappointment and displeasure. It was as if Springer was going through the first few hours of acting class and working on expressing himself.

Check it out yourself:

TCBers, what is your best action for Springer's reaction? Or did you find any good tweets releated to Springer -- post'em in the comments.