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Astros' George Springer robs Jose Abreu of a home run

Springer twisting, turning found the ball on the wall.

Thursday's game was going be tough for the Houston Astros. Astros starter Colin McHugh would need every bit of help he could get. He got that help in the form of a miraculous catch from right fielder George Springer.

White Sox slugger Jose Abreu was at the plate against McHugh with two outs. Abreu launched a pitch to the opposite way towards the right field fence.

Springer was tracking it all the way reached the warning track. The Astros right fielder took a moment or two to gauge where the wall was -- even making a full circle before looking back up for the ball.

Springer stuck his glove over the wall, brought the ball back and crashed into the wall. The ball secure in his glove for the third out of the inning, Springer raced in with the end of the inning.

This isn't Springer first robbery, he brought back a grand slam against the Rangers last April.