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3 Astros things: Astros twitter is straight fire

The Astros twitter needs to hand out aloe with these kinds of tweets and Bo Porter lives.

Evan Gattis had a dinner date to go last night...

1) Astros twitter is bringing that straight fire

Twitter is a fun social media tool to follow a game with. Once of the toughest jobs in social media is running an official team account. At the moment, it appears the Astros social media manager has a good handle on things.

The Astros Instagram account posted a mixtape meme:

#Astros coaching staff lookin like they're about to drop a mixtape.

A photo posted by Houston Astros (@astrosbaseball) on

Twitter user @jb713 attempted to call out the Astros for trying too hard and the Astros had a perfect response.

2) Bo Porter avoids execution

Former Astros manager Bo Porter got back to work after being fired by Houston with the Atlanta Braves as the team's third base coach. Porter was chugging along without issues for a season and a quarter.

This week, the Braves finally decided to part ways with manager Fredi Gonzalez. Brian Snitker has taken over as the Braves manager. Not only Gonzalez was fired but bench coach Carlos Tosca. Terry Pendleton has taken over as the bench coach.

But Bo Porter will not be included in the Braves firing.

3) Giles put in work

The Astros fanbase hasn't been fond of Ken Giles work this season, justifiably so. Giles has struggled during the regular season from the moment he put on an Astros uniform. Most ignore the fact his home run to flyball rate was 100% during at period of time.

Giles stumbled for the first time in his career and he had to learn and grow from it. Giles may have finally turned the corner on Tuesday.

Dallas Keuchel put the Astros in a tough situation on Tuesday night. Keuchel walked the bases loaded with one out in the seventh inning with the score at 3-3 in the seventh inning.

Ken Giles entered the game at this point. Giles faced Jimmy Rollins. Giles struck out Rollins with three pitches. White Sox slugger Jose Abreu came up to bat next, and Abreu was taken care of with five pitches. Both players failed to make contact with Giles pitches on any of the six strikes thrown and both struck out swinging.

I'm not saying to forget the last month and a half with Ken Giles but we're starting to see what the Astros paid for from the reliever.