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Astros outfielder Colby Rasmus rocks the camo in Chicago

Rasmus had to disguise the pythons on Tuesday.

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David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros outfielder Colby Rasmus is a country boy through and through. Rasmus was born and raised in Georgia. He was quoted as saying he didn't like being in Canda because everything was too small for his lift truck. This list goes on his country credentials, but either way, Astros fans love him.

Rasmus took his country credentials to another level on Tuesday night against the Chicago White Sox. Rasmus has been wearing a camo elbow guard as season long but he rocked the full camo sleeves in the Astros' 6-5 win. The look didn't help Rasmus, who went 1-for-5 with four runners left on base.

Rasmus isn't the first major leaguer to wear camo, former Red Sox reliever Mike Timlin comes to mind as someone who wore camo regularly as an undershirt. But I don't think anyone has taken to Rasmus' level like he did last night.