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TCB Astros Hitter of the Week -- May 9-15, 2016

Three home runs will do the trick most of the time.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

TCB doesn't have a trophy in the budget, but we don't have the power to use the internet and web pages to give out awards. We're back again to give out last week's hitter of the week. The honor could have been given to any of these three players, but one man sticks out as he thumped the baseball all week long.

Honorable Mentions

Jason Castro

I know, I'm just surprised as you to see him on this list two weeks in a row. Most Astros fans and reports wondered what version of Jason Castro would we see in 2016. The 2013 All-Star version or the 2015 Castro that pounded everything into the ground to second base.

Castro looks his younger self at the plate, posting an 111 wRC+ in 2016. He has more than doubled his walk rate at 18.9% over last season (8.8%). His strikeout rate is still right around his career average at 32.1%.

Last week, Castro batted .333 (3x9) with three runs scored, two doubles, a home run, and four RBIs. He walked four times and struck out twice.

Jose Altuve

The award should be frankly called the TCB Jose Altuve Hitter of the Week award. He is continuing on his MVP-caliber pace this season. He batted .423 (11x26) with six runs scored, two doubles, one RBI, six walks, and two strike outs.

Altuve has evolved his game as a leadoff hitter from swinging at any pitch he could make contact on to taking a pitch or two and hitting the right pitch.

I won't be surprised when Altuve picks up next week's award and stays on this list all season long.

And our winner is...

George Springer

George Springer was born in New Britain, CT, which is 110 miles away from Fenway Park. Springer grew up a Red Sox fan and played college baseball at UConn. Springer wanted to put on show at Fenway for his friends and family after missing last year's visit with an injury.

At Fenway, he had five hits that resulted in two home runs, a double, four runs scored, and eight RBIs. Springer was .308 (8x26)  with five runs scored, a double, three home runs, 9 RBIs, and six walks. He posted a .692 SLG and a 1.130 OPS.