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Grand Springer Dinger: Astros outfielder hits second grand slam of the season

The Astros right fielder connects for a four-run Springer Dinger.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The result on Saturday wasn't what the Astros or its fans wanted, as the team fell 6-5 in 11 innings. Way back in the second inning, the feeling was much different. George Springer lifted the hopes of the Astros after falling down 2-1 with a grand slam.

The Astros loaded the bases against Clay Buchholz with a Luis Valbuena single and walks to Jose Altuve and Jason Castro. Springer got a 3-1 cutter from Buchholz and proceeded to deposit it into the first row of seats high on top the green most.

The home run put the Astros up 5-2. It was Springer's second grand slam of the season. He hit one against the New York Yankees off Michael Pineda in an Astros 16-6 loss.

The home run was also the Astros second grand slam off Clay Buchholz in 2016. Colby Rasmus hit a grand slam against Buchholz in an 8-3 Astros win on April 23.