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Astros' Carlos Correa blasts a home run out of Fenway park

Fenway park can't hold the Astros shortstop.

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Saturday won't be a highlight for the Houston Astros because the end result was a 6-5 loss to the Boston Red Sox in 11 innings. But there were for sure a highlight for Carlos Correa that he will never forget.

Carlos Correa stepped into the box against Clay Buchholz with two outs. On his second straight fastball in the at-bat, Correa crushed the pitch. The swing was so violent that the sound of the crack of the bat gave away the fact it was a home run before the camera even switched the green monster.

Correa knew it was a home run. Buchholz knew it was a home run. The only question left was where was the ball going to land. Fenway park couldn't hold it. It ended up 458 feet away on Lansdowne Street.

I might have to make that crack of the bat my text message alert -- it's so beautiful.