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Astros Marwin Gonzalez's walk-off home run in the 16th inning

Marwin frees the Astros to finally head to Boston to take the Red Sox with a game-winning home run.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians looked like two teams that didn't want to win a game on Wednesday. For six innings, neither team could push a run across. The Astros were looking to end the game on travel day, Houston was heading to Boston for a game on Thursday.

Marwin Gonzalez ended all of that with a two-run home run in the 16ht inning to help the Astros win 5-3.

Gonzalez, 27, stepped into the box with Carlos Correa on base and one out. Gonzalez faced Cody Anderson, who had already pushed out the Indians rotation and had already pitched 3 1/3 innings in extra innings.

Gonzalez greeted a 94 MPH fastball with a swift swing that belted the ball over the right field fence. It was Gonzalez's second straight multiple-run home run in a row after hitting 25 straight solo home runs.

Gonzalez home runs marks the Astros' first walk-off home run of the season.