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Astros' Keuchel works around cold weather to get road win over Yankees

The bearded lefty able to pick up win despite without his "A game"

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Keuchel's first start of the season ends with a 5-3 win on the road against the Yankees, but it was anything but a walk in central park. Keuchel was scheduled to pitch Monday but ended up having to wait an extra 24 hours after having opening day delayed due to inclement weather.

When he and the Astros finally were able to kick off opening day on Tuesday, first pitch was around 35 degrees.

"My stuff was moving all over the place, not by design; just the wind, the weather," Dallas Keuchel said.

In the early part of the game, Keuchel rubbing up the baseball and blowing into hands -- sometimes even between pitches. The Astros ace was trying to do anything to give him some feeling of his hands.

Despite not having his "A game", Keuchel was still able to walk away with the win. He gave his team seven strong innings, only allowing two runs, three hits, four walks and five strikeouts.

It was not the magical and masterful games that we are used to seeing from the bearded lefty, but it was a nice see this outing from him on the road under tough conditions.

"(I ground) through and was able to put together my best pitches late," Keuchel said.

Early on it was not very easy for Keuchel, through the first two innings it looked like he was having some tough time gripping the ball.Two walks and the only two runs allowed come in those first two innings.

While he allowed base runners to reach, he was able to get the ground balls when he needed them.

In the first inning, he escaped with a double play. In the second, he would have had another but Carlos Correa had a little bit of trouble picking the ball (next batter smacked a two-run double).

"He rallied, got some big double-play balls," manager A.J. Hinch said of his star lefties performance, "he ended up getting the feel for his pitches as the outing went on.

"We extended him a little farther than we were going to, but he finds ways to get his outs. Even the pitch he gave up for the two-run double was a good pitch he just hit the line."

Keuchel hung tough and was able to pitch long enough for the Astros offense to come through.