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The Crawfish Boxes Staff Predictions for 2016 MLB Season

No advanced stats or anlitics were used in the making on these projections.

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What is that? Do you hear that? It's the crack of the bat. The snap of baseball hitting a mitt. Baseball season is back. Of course, it's also time for unnecessary projections of the entire season.

The Crawfish Boxes staff projected the division, World Series and baseball award winners for the 2016 season. The Crawfish crew also added a few more fun projections for the season.

The graphics below show the percent of votes collected among TCB writers. All ties were broken by the editorial staff with an additional vote.

Starting with the playoff projects. The TCB writers are clearly hyped for the season as 100% of TCB staffers selected the Astros to win the American League West crown. The staff isn't ready for the Royals or Blue Jays to take a step back. The Red Sox beat out the Yankees and Blue Jays for the second spot on the Wild Card -- the Blue Jays received six wild card votes among nine voters who didn't pick them to win the AL East.

In the National League, we had our most contested vote among division teams with the Los Angeles Dodgers receiving 13 votes and the San Francisco Giants receive 12 votes. The New York Mets received 14 first place and the Washington Nationals got 11. But the Cardinals and Pirates were the top two vote-getters in the wild card round -- shutting the Giants and Nationals out of the playoffs.

The Astros love from the Astros bloggers continued with Houston winning a landslide for the AL crown, and defeating the Cubs in the World Series. The Giants and Nationals were the two teams most selected for the World Series outside of the Astros-Cubs matchup.

The Houston continues to overflow in the season awards with Carlos Correa and A.J. Reed.

We also added our own Baseball Hall fo Fame vote to or projections form, of course, Jeff Bagwell was unavoidably selected among the TCB writers. But Bagwell wasn't alone, former Montreal Expo and Los Angeles Angels great Vladimir Guerrero with 79.2%. Just missing out on a spot are Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens with 70.8%.


MLB Expansion 

We weren't done with making Projections this season. We posed the question of what are the best cities for MLB expansion and give out nicknames for good measure.

  • Montreal -- 17.9%
  • San Antonio -- 12.8%
  • Las Vegas -- 12.8%
Following shortly behind were Austin, Nashville, Portland and Mexico City. Some of the other interesting ones were Boise, Indianapolis, Havana, New Jersey and Jacksonville.

Some of the best nicknames were the Boise Potato Cannons, San Antonio Armadillos, Portland Pioneers, Nashville Twang, Montreal Mounties, Oregon Trails, Las Vegas Gambit, Charlotte Jordans, Walla Walla Wallabies, Texarkana Schizophrenics, Las Vegas Black Sox, New Jersey Pikes, and the Havana Sugar Kings.


The last question on our survey was, "Add in any bold predictions you can think of for the upcoming season (i.e. mid-season trades, surprising teams, etc.)." Here they are in no order:

  • Evan Gattis and Carlos Gomez both traded
  • Lebron James will be traded from the Cavs to the White Sox for the rights to one of the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup trophies. Cleveland gets a championship and the White Sox become the only MLB team to acquire 2 of the top basketball players of all time. Everyone's happy.
  • Jose Reyes doesn't play the entire year.
  • Rays have another sneaky-good year and barely miss the playoffs. Nationals trade Stephen Strasburg at the deadline. Astros trade for Jonathan Lucroy. AL Central is the deepest and most competitive division. The Cubs win ~103 games but don't make the World Series because of the Giants. #EvenYear
  • Jonathan Papelbon and Brian McCann become the NL and AL chairmen for the newly formed MLB Office of Playing The Game The "Right Way". McCann is later removed from his post when he tries to stab Carlos Gomez with the shards of a broken Louisville Slugger. He says Gomez shouldn't pimp a bases-loaded walk with an epic bat flip.
  • The Padres team bus crashes and no one notices when they play with an entirely different roster.
  • David Price wins less than 10 games but Red Sox still win the division.
  • Ryan Braun traded by Milwaukee to Minnesota, Carlos Carrasco and Trevor Bauer finish in the top 5 in CY voting, Carlos Correa has a 30-30 season, Boston has a late-season collapse and misses the playoffs.
  • The Blue Jays trade for Strasburg and the Cardinals finally have a disappointing season, finishing right around .500
  • Astros win most in AL, Giants make a big trade for Ryan Braun, Red Sox trade Mookie Betts for Chris Sale
  • Sonny Gray will be traded this offseason, and the bidding will get sky high. The winning bidder will be the Houston Astros.
  • Astros go all in on a starter
  • George Springer = Houston team MVP
  • A lot of folks are predicting the Red Sox to go from worst to first. I don't buy it.
  • Philadelphia wins 75 games
  • Athletics have a huge turnaround, Houston wins 100+ games and all three major individual awards.