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Astros backup catcher Erik Kratz sports a knuckleball in major league debut

At least he has some good humor about it.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros lost 11-1 last night in Seattle or this morning depending on your timezone. It pushed the Astros' record to 6-15, no laughing matter. But the game had a moment only baseball fans would enjoy. Astros backup catcher Erik Kratz entered the game in the eighth inning as a pitcher to save the overt-taxed bullpen arms from pitching in a 9-1 game.

The Mariners would get two runs off Kratz. Chris Iannetta, Seth Smith, and Norichika Aoki retained their major league hitter honor by getting singles off Kratz. But, Dae-Ho-Lee, Ketel Marte, and Luis Sardinas brought shame to their dojo by being retired by a backup catcher on the mound. Kratz threw in a few wild pitches for good measure.

At least Kratz some good humor about it all. He compared his pitching line with his son's little league outing and he ribbed an Astros minor league pitcher.