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Preston Tucker Needs to be a Regular... in Memes

A hot take in internet language form.

I happen to be perusing the Statcast data for this season on and noticed that 3 Astros made the Top 50 for Average Exit Velocity.

The highest Astro on the board is Colby Rasmus, duh. His average exit velocity is 93.2. This is good for being ranked 28th in the league.

Scanning down I ran into the next Astro who's shown more pop than usual, Jose Altuve. His average exit velocity clocked in at 92.9 which is ranked 36th.

Our next Astro on the list is the main focus point of this hot sports opinion. Preston Tucker comes in at 92.8 and ranked 40th. He is hitting the ball harder than Manny Machado, Anthony Rendon, Mookie Betts, Yasiel Puig, and Joc Pederson.

A quick look at FanGraphs further reinforces that Preston has been hitting the ball hard. His "Hard%" is at 50% for the season. The highest on the team. Yes, even higher than Colby.

Here's where the better writers on this site would launch into a 2,000 word, detail-filled, data-driven, commentary that would be hard to argue with. I'll go ahead and launch into my memes.

Finally, to bring back a Crawfishboxes classic. Do I think Preston will eventually be more than a platoon guy?