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3 Astros things: Takeaways from the Red Sox series

Colby Rasmus is fun to watch, plus other takeaways from the Red Sox series

Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

Another series is complete and another series lost. After falling to the Red Sox two games to one the Houston Astros have now lost five of the first six series. They had a chance to really look good on a national stage but had a split during their big time TV appearances.

The starting pitching has been a little hit and miss, but the bullpen has been pretty good picking up the team and keeping the game close. For a team that hits so many home runs, just being close all they can ask.

Below are three takeaways from another series loss:


"Colby, Colby, Colby, Colby" were the loud chants that could be heard throughout minute maid park Sunday night. I will be honest I have never heard chants for Colby Rasmus, it was almost chilling to hear (in a good way).

Rasmus in the series had 2 home runs, and 7 RBI's and both his long bombs were clutch. In game two he had a grand slam to give the team the lead and in game three in the ninth inning down two runs he launched a massive 2 run homer to tie the game.

Rasmus has become a must-watch at-bat.


GoGo Carlos Gomez to the bench for a while. I don't mean it meanly, I think it might be best for his mind at the moment. It is VERY clear that Gomez is super frustrated and annoyed with himself at the plate.

In the third game of the series, he even went as far as snapping a bat over his thigh. He is wildly swinging at pitches, and he'll fall down at least once a game because he is swinging so hard and whiffs so badly.

Gomez when on can be a good asset to the team, but right now he is hurting the team and he might be hurting himself.

Signs of a turnaround

It's bad luck at the moment I swear it. Jose Altuve gets thrown out at third because he didn't slide for a triple. They keep on giving up first inning runs, plus so many other things, but you know what... These guys aren't that bad.

The are getting hitting, the hits are there and they are starting to plate some of those pesky runners in scoring position which have alluded them for so long.

The bullpen is doing really well of late (aside from Ken Giles 2 innings and 3 earned runs) and they just need to get some good starting pitching and then they might catch fire. Chris Devenski has been a godsend and he should be pushing for a starting spot with some of the rotation struggling.

The Astros made a move to bring up Michael Feliz and by sending Jake Marisnick to AAA instead of Devenski it's because they want him around a while.